Radical Lending Library

Friday 5/31/19: tonight at 7 pm is the launch party for our latest experiment, the Radical Lending Library! The Radical Library at Mondragon is indeed a library-within-the-bookstore. It is a collective community effort to see that local activists have access to intellectual tools for sustenance and struggle. Many tendencies are represented, but they all share a belief, as do we, that together we must make a better world.
Come by during the launch party to partake in celebratory food and drink, chat with some other radical-library-curious folks, browse the collection, register to borrow, and take a book home!

The collection of about two hundred books features many recent titles from small independent presses such as AK Press, Verso, & Haymarket; many issues of journals such as Jacobin and Dissent; and many classic titles of inquiry and resistance.
While we get established, the loan limit will be one book at a time, although there is no due date and no overdue fines.

To continue the tradition that will be started this coming friday, Mondragon will continue to host a monthly radical library “happy hour” on the final friday evening of each month. The happy hour will be a time when you can come in and chat with others about books & ideas from the radical library.

To view our collection, please visit the Library Thing website where we have catalogued the available books! (note that the site will NOT tell you if a book is checked out)